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Men's Fingerless Driving Gloves Deerskin Black Red Stitching


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Deerskin Fingerless Gloves
At the pictures you will find all the colors we have and if you would like another color combination just message us!
100% Leather
Have you known that Hungant can make any kind of leather gloves from all kinds of leather types. colors. styles. using all kinds of sewing and linings. And if you dream of a special leather gloves. just let us know. and we will make your dream come true.
Shipping : We ship worldwide and you will not pay any taxes for the gloves (we send it as a gift). Usually the shipping takes between 5 - 8 Business Days.
We hope you will love the high quality hand made Hungant gloves. which were crafted with love and care. wishing you to wear the hell out of them and returning to us for a new pair.
Brand new deerskin fingerless driving. cycling gloves. We produce it from the best deerskin leather from Finland. The gloves are high quality and sure. they have a perfect look. Red stitching and piping makes it more awesome.